Boutique Salesforce Partner

While has an inviting interface, first-time users may be overwhelmed by the complexity of the software once they dive into the program. With a number of rules – and exceptions to those rules – that must be followed, it can be difficult for new users to navigate the program and get the results they are looking for without receiving proper Salesforce training beforehand. Salesforce is nuanced, and our team at Fidizzi is here to help you pick up on each and every subtlety when you are using the system.

Without proper training, you may not be getting the most out of Salesforce that is needed in order to make a difference for your organization. Unfortunately, many end users do not get adequate training or businesses do not have someone on staff that holds a Salesforce certification. This is usually the case when a company implements Salesforce but skips individual training or an employee is hired after the rest of the group has already undergone training.

What are you missing out on if you aren’t trained? Those that aren’t trained won’t know how to successfully track data related to customer contact, potential sales opportunities, and feedback that can inform future business decisions, all three of which are vital for any organization. Receiving training and achieving Salesforce certifications will show you how to accurately read and report data so you get the best insight into your consumers and spur business growth.

Before taking the certification exam we recommend taking a training course to ensure you have the knowledge you need to pass the exam.

End User Salesforce Training For Your Organization

Fidizzi offers Salesforce training for all of your users – including your sales and support team, marketing staff, and executives. This will allow your entire staff to get up to speed on the Salesforce platform so that you can perform your best and maximize the software’s value to the organization. We have the full suite of training and Salesforce certifications available to meet your needs.

Our courses are broken down by discipline so you can find the full range of classes designed just for you. Fidizzi teaches you all that you need to know so that you are prepared to take your Salesforce certification exam.


If you have any questions about any of the training courses we offer please contact us directly today.