How Data Integration Can Help Your Business Grow

What is Data Integration?

Data integration is a common industry term referring to the requirement to combine data from multiple separate business systems into a single unified view, often called a single view of the truth. This unified view is typically stored in a central data repository known as a data warehouse.

The alternative to automated data integration is the manual process of sorting data from all these disparate networks. This process is incredibly time-consuming and for many businesses, probably impossible. 

Brief Introduction to Salesforce and Data Integration

What is the relationship between Data Integration and CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) frameworks deal with the connections each client has with a business. This permits organizations to monitor remarkable client connections and offers superior assistance.

Whenever organizations don’t incorporate their CRM frameworks across the association and instead use multiple different systems, there may be issues. Multiple data systems impact your ability to properly integrate data sources.

Half of all employees surveyed stated that they found it hard to share information with teams who did not use the same CRM.

Top 5 Enterprise Benefits of Data Integration

Customers are more demanding than over.
To keep up, organizations need to track down an approach to addressing their requirements. Data Integration is an incredible approach to doing that, and here is the reason:

  1. Replace data silos with an open organization culture

The process of data integration prompts a decrease in information storehouses as data from across the association is consolidated. This process has immense advantages for all associations as it prompts a more cooperative organizational culture.

  1. Get better insights from integrated data

At the point when information goes through the ETL process (Extract, Transform, Load) it goes from being crude information into key datasets. These datasets can then be utilized to illuminate extraordinary organization experiences.

  1. Receive high-quality data

A key component of the data integration process is the cleaning of the data. Raw data is often impossible to use, especially by humans. It’s disorganized and nonsensical. Integrating data into a CRM framework works on your cycles and can be utilized to deal with the client experience.

  1. Make more deals

The reality for any business with regards to computerized change is that it should prompt expanded benefits. Coordinating information into one framework can prompt greater overall revenues in more than one way.

A key advantage is that integration combination makes client care more supportive and much faster. This is a key part of driving deals.

  1. Provide a better employee experience (EX)

With bound together information, workers approach a total 360 perspective on the client. This implies they are furnished with better instruments to take care of their business. It helps them perform better and be more satisfied.

The advantages of data integration on customer experience (CX)

Data integration has greatly affected client experience. Organizations that have a bound together perspective on their client will find it a lot simpler to furnish their clients with interesting and reliable client ventures and along these lines further develop they’re by and large CX.

Data integration is likewise an essential stage in making a course for accomplishing a Single Source of Truth. Organizations ought to consider information coordination (ETL, information planning, information purifying) as the interaction which prompts the condition of being that is a Single Source of Truth.

Indeed, 90% of employees surveyed in the Forrester report indicated that they believed they would find value in having a single source of information.

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