Salesforce Admin Group 2022

On October 6, 2022, Fidizzi hosted Salesforce Admin Group 2022, we welcomed Andy Utkan, from Salesforce Break, and Sergio Cardoso from Fidizzi.

It was another excellent participation of the Salesforce Administrators group, we had about 30 people at the event, and for those who could not be there in person, there was the availability to attend virtually.

In this event, we aimed to inspire, empower, and most importantly, support those who wish to succeed in their technology careers. We hosted the event organized by the Salesforce Admin Group, Porto.

As always, it was a completely free Salesforce Community Group event and open to the entire community!

For those who couldn’t attend, here’s what happened that day 💻 :


About This Event

Salesforce Admin Group, Porto, Portugal event with great topics, including “Winter 23 Flows” by Andy Utkan, and customer success story from Fidizzi.

🕗 When

➤ Thursday, October 6th


➤ Fidizzi, Sota Street, 2A, Coimbra, 3000-392


🕰️ 17:30- Welcome and Introduction to the Salesforce Community
➤ Welcome message from the Salesforce Admin Group Leaders, Porto, Portugal, presented by Miguel Carvalho

🕰️ 17:45- Winter 23 Flows
➤ “Winter 23 Flows” by Andy Utkan

🕰️ 18:30- Customer success story from Fidizzi
➤ Customer success story from Fidizzi Customer success story from Fidizzi by Sérgio Cardoso and special guest Andrea DeBell.

🕰️ 19:30Drinks & Bites

➤ Drinks & Bites


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