Salesforce Certification Guide

Salesforce Certification enhances your sales and customer service skills, as well as broadens your understanding of the platform. The experience also makes you think more deeply about the platform, and you may discover new tools you weren’t aware of.



Who can apply for Salesforce Certification?

The ADM 201 Salesforce certification is designed for professionals working in a company’s organizational sphere. Candidates must be BE-A licensed administrative professionals with a BBA, BCA, MCA, and mastery of Salesforce.

What is the price to get Salesforce Certification?

  • Salesforce certifications usually cost $200, while others cost $400.
  • However, the Certified Technical Architect certification costs $6,000. The retake fee is approximately 50% of the initial certification fee if you fail the exam.

Salesforce Certification Overview

Salesforce provides certifications for a variety of job functions, including:


Salesforce Administrator Certifications

There are two levels of administrator credentials offered by Salesforce. Users can define requirements, customize Salesforce’s platform, and help users get the most from both solutions. CPQ (configure price quote) and app building certificates are also available to administrators.

  • The certification requires candidates to have extensive knowledge of Salesforce customization and configuration, as well as the ability to manage users and maximize the platform’s capabilities.
  • There are 60 multiple-choice questions in 90 minutes on the exam. In order to pass the exam, you must be able to manage users, data, and security; customize Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications; and build reports, dashboards, and workflows.

  • Price: $200
  • Buy-Back Fee: $100
  • Prerequisites: None

Courses to consider for Salesforce Administrator:

  1. Administration Essentials for New Admins
  2. Certification Preparation for Administrator
  3. Administration Essentials for New Administrators and Certification;
  4. Certification Preparation for Administrator

Salesforce Advanced Administrator

The candidate should be proficient in designing advanced reports, dashboards, and automation processes within Salesforce. The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. A Salesforce administrator must be capable of leveraging the advanced administration capabilities of Salesforce, optimizing and extending Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications, and designing advanced reports, dashboards, and business process automation.

  • Price: $200
  • Buy-Back Fee: $100
  • Prerequisites: Salesforce Certified Administrator status

Courses to consider for Salesforce Administrator:

Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist

The Salesforce CPQ certification recognizes professionals who implement Salesforce CPQ solutions, design and build quoting flows to meet customer requirements and troubleshoot platform issues. Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialists typically have six to twelve months of experience as CPQ Specialists, have an understanding of the Salesforce CPQ platform, and can troubleshoot and solve basic platform problems.

Price: $200
Buy-Back Fee: $100
Prerequisites: None

Courses to consider for CPQ Specialist:

Salesforce Certified Platform Application Builder

The Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder credential requires expertise in designing, building, and implementing Force. com-based apps. In comparison with other credentials in the Certified Administrator track, this credential requires a greater level of programming and engineering skills. This skill set requires extensive knowledge of the declarative development and customization capabilities available on the platform. A total of 60 multiple-choice questions will be answered in 90 minutes. The exam requires that you have the following skills: design data models, user interfaces, business logic, and security for custom applications; customize mobile applications; and design reports and dashboards.

Price: $200
Buy-Back Fee: $100
Prerequisites: None

Courses to consider for Platform Application Builder

Salesforce Developer Certifications

Credentials for Salesforce developers are available to professionals who have knowledge, skills, and experience building custom applications using Applicants to this track can also apply for the Salesforce Certified Platform Application Builder. Two types of developer certification exist: Platform Developer Credentials and eCommerce Developer Credentials.

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I

Candidates must be familiar with Apex and Visualforce and have a solid understanding of data modeling, user interfaces, business logic, and security for custom applications. A candidate must also be familiar with the development lifecycle and the available environments. There are 60 multiple-choice questions in 105 minutes on the exam.

Price: $200
Buy-Back Fee: $100
Prerequisites: None

Courses to consider for Platform Developer I

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

The exam requires candidates to develop, test, maintain, and deploy easily maintainable, robust, and reusable programmatic solutions. It is also necessary for them to be familiar with Apex design patterns and object-oriented programming best practices. There are 60 multiple-choice questions on the exam, and you have 120 minutes to complete them. The programming assignment requires candidates to create application components within 30 days using Apex and Visualforce. In a proctored environment, candidates must complete three questions related to the programming assignment solution within 60 minutes.

Price: $400
Buy-Back Fee: $200
Prerequisites: None

Courses to consider for Platform Developer II

  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Certification
  • Apex Specialist Superbadge
  • Data Integration Specialist Superbadge
  • Aura Components Specialist Superbadge
  • Advanced Apex Specialist Superbadge

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer

A Certified Marketing Cloud Developer has experience developing across the entire Salesforce platform. Candidates must have hands-on experience with Marketing Cloud, including creating dynamic marketing and sales messages, and landing pages, knowledge of Marketing Cloud scripting languages, knowledge of data configuration, data manipulation, advanced segmentation, and reporting and analytics.

Using Marketing Cloud, a developer can manage subscribers across channels and troubleshoot various programmatic languages that guide the design of both tactical and strategic e-mail campaigns. Furthermore, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers generally have at least one year’s experience developing for Marketing Cloud. It is not necessary for candidates to have knowledge of MobilePush SDK, Journey Builder SDK, and custom components, nor to understand how to configure Marketing Cloud Connect for this exam. There will be 60 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 105 minutes.

Price: $200
Buy-Back Fee: $100
Prerequisites: Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Courses to consider for Platform Developer II


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