The Golden Hoodie Tradition

Gabriela Pedroni

(Looks like the star: Tanuki is also a fan of the Golden hoodie)

Gifting a Golden Hoodie to inspiring Trailblazers at a Salesforce event is our way of saying thanks and “Shine on, friend!”. Discover our Golden Hoodie Trailblazers stories, learn about many of our recipients, and enjoy the beautiful diversity of our community.

When you see a Trailblazer with a gold hoodie, you’re likely to wonder, “What’s that super shiny hoodie?”. It’s a great question, one we urge everyone to ask.


It began with an inspiring #AwesomeAdmin

  • More #AwesomeAdmins, developers, executives and entrepreneurs inspired our audiences around the world with amazing stories of grit, persistence, passion and paying it forward.


  • These Trailblazers are all incredible examples of doing well in their careers and doing good in their communities.

zac otero mike rosenbaum
In 2016, Admin Evangelist Mike Gerholdt met with Zac Otero and invited him to share his “factory worker to Admin” story on the Salesforce Admin podcast.
So some creative minds decided to add some sparkle and surprise Zac with the first ever Golden Hoodie.

Dan Darcy it was the first trailblazer to receive the Gold Jacket, in 2017

The first Developer David K. Liu, earned his gold jacket, in 2018



“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go!”
T.S Elliot