What You Need To Know About Salesforce Net Zero?

Salesforce has been developing this product for several years, starting with an in-house carbon accounting solution. The latest version was released into GA in April after undergoing various iterations (via a private app exchange listing).

Salesforce hasn’t launched a new Salesforce product in a long time (rather than acquiring new products). Consider the other platforms Salesforce has launched and how far they’ve come since they first appeared on the platform.

Can Net Zero Clouds be implemented? ☁️

The answer to “Potential Value Of Sustainable Tech” is trillions of dollars, not billions. It’s not just good for the planet that Salesforce is targeting this space, it’s good for their bottom line too.

There is no doubt that sustainable tech will continue to grow, just as responding to climate change will become increasingly important. It won’t be long before Salesforce Net Zero Cloud is no more. Creating apps, accelerators, and partnerships on the platform now is an opportunity for the future.

An operational footprint is typically measured by these objects, which include:

  • The Built Environment;
  • Data Centres;
  • Travel;
  • Waste;

In addition, since this is Salesforce, everything is highly customizable. For instance, if your organization uses a lot of refrigerants or something like that, you can easily incorporate that. Buttons, links, and actions have changed a lot over the years. There are so many use cases for them, especially when combined with flows, that the possibilities are endless!

Factors Contributing To Emissions 💭

Scope 1: Your direct control is what you can most easily change. For instance, you may be able to control a gas boiler in a property you own, its type, efficiency, maintenance, etc.

Scope 2: Is the indirect emissions, typically the energy you buy but with less control. For example, electricity supplied to you by the grid gives you some control over who you buy it from and how much you use, but no direct control over how it’s produced.

Scope 3: An example of such emissions would be from the gas boiler in a leased property since you consume energy from the boiler but do not control its operation.

The intensity of Building Energy ⚡

The Net Zero Cloud includes a set of objects for consuming energy, analyzing data, and calculating building energy intensity. An organization with a large estate may find this especially useful. You own ten buildings, but one is new in a city center, one is a grade 2 listed building in the countryside, and the third is an office inside a 1970s factory.

There is no way to compare two buildings that are so vastly different! Since new regulations are very energy efficient, the new building might be the best performer, but is unlikely to be improved.
There might be constraints on the old building due to the listing requirements, and there might be constraints on the factory building due to its other uses.

  • Companies can now get their environmental data from one source with Net Zero Cloud. Data can be loaded into Net Zero Cloud using APIs, bill scanning, or bulk uploads.
  • Having all the data in one place allows companies to spend less time collecting and reporting, and more time advancing sustainability initiatives.

A Target and a Dashboard 📊

In a recent feature, Customers were able to set targets and compare them to actuals, something many of us in the Sales Cloud world know well.


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