4 Ways to Create Roll-Up Summary Fields in SalesForce Lookup Relationships

What is a Roll-Up Summary Field?

Roll-Up Summary Fields in Salesforce sum up information from a set of related detail records and consequently show the result on the expert record. These can be used to display the Sum, Maximum, Minimum value of a field in a related list and the count of all the records listed in a related list.



Surprisingly better, roll-up Summary fields can have filter criteria, so we could decide to show the all-out Opportunity value from won opportunities on a related Account.

Roll-up summary fields are only available for objects in a Master-Detail relationship, and are not available for those that have a Lookup relationship. 


Use Flow Builder to Create a Roll Up Summary Field - Salesforce Admins

4 Ways to Create a Roll-Up Summary in Salesforce

There are 4 different ways one can work around this:

  1. An AppExchange App
  2. A Flow
  3. Apex Triggers
  4. Reporting

Every one of these strategies has its advantages and disadvantages.



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Salesforce Native Solutions

There are numerous approaches to making a Roll-Up Summary field on a Lookup relationship utilizing local Salesforce usefulness, but the most powerful AND accessible way is to use Flow.
Rolled-up values in reports have numerous impediments and should be made for each report you wish to see the qualities in.

See our complete step-by-step on how to create roll-up summary fields using Flow here.


AppExchange Solutions

AppExchange Basics | Salesforce Trailhead

There are various application postings in the AppExchange that can do roll-ups on Lookup relationships and an open-source apparatus.

A few models include:

Rollup Helper: Paid and Free Form;
Roll-It-Up: Paid;
DLRS: Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries Tool: Open Source, Free.

More Curiosities about the Roll-Up Summary Field

Build Flows with Flow Builder | Salesforce Trailhead
  • What is the roll-up summary fields limit?

The maximum hard-coded limit for roll-up summary fields is 40 per object and cannot be increased above that.

  • How many roll up summary fields can be created in an object?

25 Roll-Up Summary fields

  • How many custom summary formulas can you have per report?

A Report can include up to 5 Custom Summary Formula fields.



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