All You Need to Know About Salesforce Apex

Developers can add business logic to most system events using Apex’s syntax, which looks like Java and operates like a database stored procedure. This includes clicks on buttons, updating records, and creating Visualforce pages. It is possible to trigger Apex code from Web service requests or from triggers on objects.

What is Apex?

As part of Salesforce API calls, developers can execute flow and transaction control statements in Apex, a strongly typed, object-oriented programming language. Apex is a Java-like language that allows developers to add business logic to most system events, including button clicks, related record updates, and Visualforce pages. It is possible to initiate Apex code through a Web service request as well as through triggers on objects.

When should Apex be used?

The Salesforce prebuilt applications provide powerful CRM functionality.
Salesforce also allows you to customize prebuilt applications to fit your company’s needs. It is possible, however, that your organization has complex business processes that are not supported by the existing functionality. Admins and developers can build custom functionality using the Lightning Platform in this case.

As a language, Apex is:


Lightning Platform idioms are supported by Apex, including:

  1. Data manipulation language (DML) calls, such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE, that include built-in DmlException handling;
  2. Processing multiple records at the same time with a loop;
  3. Locking syntax that prevents record update conflicts;
  4. Apex methods can be used to build custom public API calls;
  5. When a user attempts to edit or delete a custom object or field that is referenced by Apex, warnings and errors are issued.

Easy to Use 🖱️

The Apex language is based on Java idioms, such as variable and expression syntax, blocks and conditional statements, loops, object and array notation, and so on. With Apex, new elements are introduced in a way that is easy to understand and encourages efficient use of As a result, Apex produces clean, clear code.

Data Focused 📍

Apex connects multiple queries and DML statements on the Salesforce server into one unit of work. On a database server, developers use database-stored procedures to thread multiple transaction statements together.

Demanding 🔍

In Apex, object and field names are directly referenced to schema objects. If there are any invalid references, it fails at compile time. During active Apex code execution, metadata is stored for all custom fields, objects, and classes that depend on them.

Hosted 🏠

Using the Lightning Platform, Apex is interpreted, executed, and controlled.

Easy to test 💻

Apex supports the creation and execution of unit tests. It includes test results that indicate how much code is covered and where you can improve efficiency. A unit test is run before any platform upgrade to ensure that all custom Apex code works as expected.


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