What You Need To Know About Salesforce Partner Portal And Customer Portal

When it comes to using a portal solution for your business we generally suggest Salesforce.
There’s a reason behind this, no doubt Salesforce is the best CRM, but they always update their platform with their customers’ pain points in mind. They figure out the requests and prerequisites of their clients and also execute them as quickly as possible.

How Customer Portals Can Enhance Customer Service



Salesforce Customer Portal

Salesforce’s Customer Portal provides everything from promoting your product to the appropriate audience to after-sales services. Customers can get online help from portals to fix their problems. The user interface is simple to use, and you can provide your consumers with a tailored experience.

Customers will have access to their profiles via single sign-in, where they may see and change all of their information. They can also change the colors and tabs. All rights provided to them will have field-level security, which means they will only be able to view relevant information.

Here are some of the advantages a Salesforce customer portal could help your business:

  • Increased user experience
  • Brand image enhancement
  • Improved record management
  • Secure file sharing lowers customer service costs
  • Customer feedback is available.
  • Increased Customer satisfaction



Salesforce Partner Portal

CRM with Customer Portal - Client Portal Software - CRM Hike

The Salesforce partner portal allows all your partners and vendors to log in and access information.
On a regular basis, a large amount of data is transmitted between partners to ensure that everyone is on the same page. This usually takes a lot of time since you have to keep reacting to updates that your partners request.

A portal restricts partners’ access to the modules in which they are registered. They may monitor and track their sales, as well as analyze them to develop future initiatives. Your partners will be able to get the most recent updates from the portals at any time and from any location. They may order items based on the current state, increasing the efficiency of your sales funnel. You may concentrate on other duties rather than responding to the identical questions from all of your partners.

Here are a few advantages of the Partner Portal

  • Portable responsive
  • Instructional courses for the new accomplices
  • Brought together Dashboard
  • Appropriate report the executives
  • Content administration

Salesforce Customer Portal Vs Salesforce Partner Portal

Portal Solutions for your Partners and Customers

Purpose of the Portal: A client portal will solve queries of the customer without them interacting with the delegates. A partner portal will show leads and opportunities to the partners and they will have access to all the important details.

Audience: If your products and services are primarily aimed at end consumers, you should consider investing in a customer portal. If you offer items and services to other firms, your process will be different. 
In that scenario, you should consider investing in a partner portal and providing online services to your partners or suppliers.

Role-based Access: In partner portal can provide partners restricted access through the partner portal. For example, they can view sales reports and tracking but not invoice reports. Customers can view invoice reports using the customer portal.

Cost: A customer portal may or may not require complex functionality, and it is simple to use. The partner solution, on the other hand, gets access to all of the key CRM capabilities. The sales campaign will need the addition of functionality to the partner portal. As a result, partner portals are comparatively expensive.



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