Fidizzi joins the Pledge 1% Movement and Pledges to Donate 1% of Time to the Community

FIDIZZI announced today that it has joined Pledge 1%, a global movement to create a new normal for companies of all sizes and stages to have a positive social impact through their business. FIDIZZI is joining over 12,000 companies around the world who have committed to Pledge 1% of either their product, profit, equity, and/or staff time to a charity of their choosing. FIDIZZI is proud to announce its commitment to donate 1% of TIME.

FIDIZZI is proud to join the Pledge 1% community and encourages other companies to take the pledge and leverage their business as a force for good.

About Pledge 1%

Pledge 1% is a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers every entrepreneur, company, and employee to be a force for good. Over 12,000 members in 100+ countries have used Pledge 1%’s flexible framework to ignite half a billion dollars in new philanthropy. To learn more about Pledge 1% and to take the pledge visit




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