How to Set your Sales Process with Sales Stages

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The sales stages ensure that each customer receives an all-star sales experience from the first call to the close of the deal. First, take a look at your current process. If you’re still unsure or don’t have it, write down the steps you take to sell something to a customer. If you work in a team, ask them about their processes.

Once you have a final list, consider these sales steps for your company. Once you have defined your steps, click on set up your team’s sales process leads our prospects who might be interested in your product or services. Opportunities are businesses in the works that are likely to close.

1 Step: Get to Know The Sales Funnel

So we’ll give you some suggestions for getting started. You will select the one that most closely resembles your business, or you can start from scratch by selecting other lead states, and track your progress with potential customers.
You can add, delete, or edit the phases to tailor the phases to your business opportunity, phases, track your ongoing business with states, and a probability of closing opportunity phases.

2 Step: Customize Your Sales Stages

3 Step: Set Your Stages

It will make it easier to see what business to prioritize, and what will need a little more attention to convert.
When you define your company’s sales process, all prospects are going to get the same TLC.

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