The 6 Best Data Loaders for Salesforce – Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Data Import Wizard

The Salesforce Data Import Wizard is the accepted information stacking instrument that is incorporated into Salesforce and accessible in all releases. Its wizard-style interface strolls you through the means required making it extremely simple to utilize. As of late, it’s additionally been moved up to import more articles, including, Accounts and Contacts, Leads, Solutions, Campaign Members, and Person Accounts.


Advantages: Simple and easy to utilize, ready to Insert Contacts and Accounts in a single import, accessible inside Salesforce.

Disadvantages: Maximum of 50,000 records all at once, can import information, experienced clients might observe the absence of settings baffling.


2. Salesforce Data Loader

You can consider the Salesforce Data Loader the Import Wizard’s greater kin, with more power, higher cutoff points, and greater potential outcomes.

Salesforce and Data Loader. Damn you, SaaS providers, with your… | by j i m  b o w e r y | Medium

Made by Salesforce, this information loader is introduced straightforwardly on your PC that can be utilized to cooperate with your information in an assortment of ways. It permits you to InsertUpdateUpsert, Delete, and Export.

You likewise get an expansion from 50,000 max records with the import wizard to 5,000,000. There is additionally an assortment of backend settings that implies this information loader can essentially deal with any situation you toss at it.

Advantages: Quicker, more powerful, and more settings for the experienced Salesforce professional.

Disadvantages: Has to be downloaded, can’t schedule imports from the interface.



Initially created by Mulesoft, it has since been brought into the Salesforce family through fixing. In contrast to Data Loader, makes it look like it came out of the 1990s.

Salesforce dataloader | Import & Export Data is 100 percent cloud-based and arrived through its program. It has each of the similar choices accessible as Salesforce Data Loader, but with some additional utility that makes this item extremely attractive. Two of my beloved highlights is the capacity to plan errands, and can consequently observe parent records given the text, not an identification, essentially making VLookup for you.

Advantages – Simple UI but very advanced, Cloud-based

Disadvantages – is a freemium product


4. XL-Connector Salesforce XL-Connector | MST Solutions

Whilst the above data loaders are pretty impressive in their ways, some people just like to work in Excel, and that’s exactly what XL-Connector enables you to do.

XL-Connector is an extra for Excel that empowers you to cooperate with your Salesforce information straightforwardly from the accounting page. This is helpful, considering before most information loaders, you will control information in Excel at any rate. You have every one of the Standard information instruments like addition, Update, Upsert, Delete, and Export, as well as additional elements, for example, changing over leads, or mass blending Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.

AdvantagesPowerful piece of pack assuming that you love to work straightforwardly in Excel.

Disadvantages – XL-Connector is a Freemium item


5. Proudly

Proudly AppOps Release is a truly incredible option in contrast to conventional information loaders when you want to move information between Salesforce organizations. Dissimilar to CCSV-driven information loaders, AppOps Release conveys information between organizations using reusable informational collection layouts and has highlighted to keep up with record possession, muddle information, and make missing fields or Picklist values.


6. is a cloud data loading tool that lets you connect, clean, and import your data into Salesforce.

Like, you can plan assignments, query records with text esteems, and arrange settings, for example, date configuration, and API type.

It additionally enables you to interface with outer frameworks like Dropbox, SFTP, and Heroku, rollback imports, deduplicate, and test information to test imports before running the full work.




Please read the official Salesforce documentation available at this link.