The Complete Guide To Salesforce Environments

Salesforce Environments enable users to access, deploy, and create applications with a variety of feature sets, based on the environment’s setup.

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What is the best organization for “My Use Case”?

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to buy six complete copies to provide each team member with their sandbox. As a general rule, it is to start with the highest level org listed for that use case. If you don’t have that specific type of org available, go down a level. In this chart, that means one level to the left.

For example, for UAT, a Full Copy sandbox is the best choice, If you don’t have a full copy available, the next best choice is a partial copy sandbox. Ideally, you should use separate orgs for separate, but not entirely necessary, use cases. You can combine performance testing and staging, for example.

The only exception to this is the build phase, where everyone must work in a dedicated Salesforce environment. Weigh the cost of acquiring and maintaining environments when defining the best launch path for your company.

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Pipeline release stages and their appropriate organizations

  • Build: The construction phase is when you create new features. If you follow DevOps best practices, you know that giving everyone on the development team their own sales force environment is encouraged. This allows them to work on their own aspects of the project without treading on one other’s toes.
  • Scratch Orgs is a source-driven association that is expendable and very much movable. You can parody various parts and patterns in various Salesforce refreshes, since you can design it with the metadata and data you want.

Salesforce DX allows you to characterize the scratch of the scratch organization and advance changes up the delivery chain. For a more straightforward, quicker arrangement, utilize Prodly’s Sandbox Management device which permits you to turn up a scratch organization with one click.

Utilize Developer release organizations for verification of idea work or exploratory ventures. Be that as it may, these organizations aren’t associated with your creation organization and will not contain any of your creation organization customizations. Some robotized sandbox the board apparatuses let you interface any organization to some other, which eliminates that obstacle.


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  1. Quality Assurance

Check your work in your Developer sandbox or scratch organization. Once more, you’ll have to guarantee it has the metadata and information you care going to make it seem to be a small form of the creation.

QA goes on into joining testing as you group your work with that of your other colleagues and in each delivery stage and organization, as you move and make progress toward creation.

  1. Integration Testing

Evaluates the performance of newly built features or components of a new application as a united entity during the integration testing phase.

Full Copy Sandbox is the best option for reconciliation testing since it’s the nearest conceivable propagation of your production environment.

Partial Copy Sandbox is the next best option for integration testing since it more closely replicates the user experience in production. It’s not ideal because you only have up to 5GB of storage. That implies you must carefully select which records to replicate from production in order to duplicate the user experience.

Developer Pro Sandbox is another option. However, it has significantly lower storage limitations (only 1GB), and you must send records from production to accurately test a new feature. That implies you must be very picky about the data you wish to test with. Depending on how many records you require, you can utilize Data Loader or an automated data migration tool.


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