Carve Your Digital Marketing Career Path

For a career in digital marketing to Upskill, Reskill, or just build new skills, meet the Marketer Career Path, a curated library of learning content in a variety of formats to help you level up from anywhere.

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Skill: Digital Marketing Career

What’s your Digital marketing career path?

For a career in digital marketing to improve, retrain, or just build new skills – meet the Marketer Career Path, a curated library of learning content in a variety of formats to help you level up from anywhere.

Upskilling is a must for growing in the job you have, planning the job you want, or improving your team.

With the Marketer Career Pathway, you can access a library of learning resources focused on the relevant skills you need today.
Most of the content is product-agnostic and covers a variety of learning formats, including educational modules, coaching and instructional videos, interactive guides, and much more material that can help you.

And because it’s hosted on Trailhead, our gamified online learning platform, you can learn at your own pace anywhere you have an internet connection, at no cost to you.

  • Marketing practitioners can learn in-demand skills and get a pulse on industry trends to drive the best work of their careers. 

  • Marketing executives can rely on these resources to Upskill their teams quickly for the digital-first era. 


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Entry-Level — Marketing Copywriter

A copywriter creates snappy, informative content for a company’s website or blog. As a professional in this role, you would use a company’s style guide and established brand voice to craft compelling, informative, and original material that appeals to customers provides useful information and drives sales.

Mid-Level — Content Strategist

Content strategists are mid-level marketing professionals who are responsible for creating and maintaining editorial calendars, creating style guides, and researching content tactics. They may also be tasked with managing employees and freelancers and ensuring the quality of all generated content. 

Senior — Content Manager

As a senior-level content manager, you would take the lead on developing a brand’s online identity via the creation and publication of written and multimedia content. Content managers are team leaders; they are responsible for not only developing an overarching content strategy but also for overseeing its execution by the content marketing team. 

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Many of the specialties discussed above involve driving organic traffic, visibility, and engagement from customers visiting your company’s website. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing extends this mission into paid promotion. With PPC, a company may pay large ad vendors like Google or Facebook for text or visual ad placement

Learn the Necessary Skills

Now that you know more about the specialties available in the field, you need to focus on growing your professional capabilities. Each specialty will require a slightly different skill set; however, you will need to focus on a core set of capabilities. 

The skills you should prioritize include:

Digital marketing is a lucrative, creative, and engaging industry that offers tremendous career potential.

However you would like to learn, there are many paths to success in the field. Explore any educational options including college, boot camps, or self-directed learning, that will help you explore your career options in this promising field.


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