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What Is Trailhead?

Is a free app that teaches the skills needed to be successful in the modern world of work, what experts call the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it’s available to anyone. With engaging, bite size content, Trailhead helps you gain new technology, business and soft skills. It’s gamified, with quizzes and challenges that let you demonstrate your skills, and badges and points that illustrate your progress.


Day 9 : Salesforce Trailhead: where to start ? #TexeiAdventcalendar # Salesforce | by Audrey Riffaud | Texeï


Trailhead is your path into the Salesforce Economy:

  • Learn all the skills you need;
  • Earn skill-based credentials;
  • Connect with fellow Trailblazers.


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  • Trails are guided paths made up of modules and projects with a common theme;
  • Trailmixes are collections of content that can be created by anyone using Trailhead, offering a more customized approach to learning;
  • Modules are made up of bite-size units that introduce you to specific topics and test your knowledge using quizzes and hands-on challenges;
  • Projects Help you gain new skills through hands-on practice within a Trailhead demo environment, giving step-by-step instructions as you work.

Trailhead Badges = Prizes: salesforce



  • Superbadges are complex badges that enable you to apply new skills you’ve learned to real world business problems. To unlock them, you must complete prerequisite modules and projects.
  • Salesforce certifications are your way to prove your Salesforce knowledge through testing. They help you to grow your resume and highlight your skills.

CmGamm: Salesforce Certification Logos


For more information about Salesforce Certified, click on this link.



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