Salesforce Junction Object

Salesforce Junction Object is an object that contains Many-to-Many Relationships between two related objects. The Relationship details stored in a Junction Object represent a Junction Relationship. In a Many-to-Many Relationship,…

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Pledge 1% Day – Board Games Session @ Associação Integrar

Fidizzi Pledge Happy Day! The commitment is to donate 1% of our staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to ANY charity of our choosing, and that is why Fidizzi helped…

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The 3 Types of Leadership Styles in Business and which one is right for you?

Great leadership directly affects employee engagement and company profitability. Learn how to adapt your team management style for the greatest impact. Leadership plays a significant role in the success or…

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Learn more about Trailhead

What Is Trailhead? Is a free app that teaches the skills needed to be successful in the modern world of work, what experts call the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it’s…

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Fidizzi and Wise Pirates, together for the first time!

  On October 26, 2021, the companies Fidizzi and Wise Pirates all met for the first time for an event between employees of each company, with the objective of introducing…

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Salesforce Metadata: Developer Guide

What is Salesforce Metadata? Metadata is a simple lightweight language which based on XML (Extensible Markup Language).Metadata in Salesforce describes the structure of and development artifacts. Instead of the…

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Lightning Web Components vs. Lightning Components: Everything You Need to Know

Salesforce has emerged from being a CRM to a powerful cloud-based platform which is sufficient for running all the aspects of a business end to end. Lightning Aura has been such a…

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Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud – What Are The Differences?

When you sign up for Salesforce, you are given two module options, Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud.   With Service Cloud, users are typically more focused on service and cases. Service Cloud helps…

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Fidizzi, a Wise Pirates company, to enter We Do Engineering capital from this month

Fidizzi, a Wise Pirates company, to enter We Do Engineering capital from this month, another step into the Salesforce ecosystem, this time in a recent company specialized in Salesforce talent…

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Carve Your Digital Marketing Career Path

For a career in digital marketing to Upskill, Reskill, or just build new skills, meet the Marketer Career Path, a curated library of learning content in a variety of formats…

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