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The Complete Guide to Flow Trigger Explorer

Salesforce created Record-Triggered Flow to trigger Flow functionality automatically when a record event (create, edit, or delete) occurs. As with Apex and Process Builder, the single best practice when creating

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What is a Chatbot and why is it important?

“Consumers and businesses are increasingly using chatbot technology. Here’s how chatbots are changing customer service, powered by artificial intelligence.”       What is a Chatbot? 🤖 ➥ Computer programs

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Salesforce Certification Guide

Salesforce Certification enhances your sales and customer service skills, as well as broadens your understanding of the platform. The experience also makes you think more deeply about the platform, and

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The Pipeline Cloud: What is it?

The Pipeline Cloud is a set of innovations and cycles that B2B organizations need to produce pipelines in the most advanced period. Those qualified realize that the conduct of the

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